Remains of unidentified female found in Belanglo State Forest

NEW South Wales homicide squad detectives are appealing for information to identify a woman whose remains were found at Belanglo State Forest last year.

Police have released an image depicting the deceased female, believed to be a teenage girl or young woman and the image is the result of a ‘facial approximation’ that was completed based on an extensive examination of the female’s skull.


A group of trail bike riders alerted police to the remains in dense bushland near Daly’s Waterhole in theBelangloStateForest, south of Sydney, on Sunday 29 August 2010.

Forensic analysis revealed the remains belonged to a female, who has been nicknamed “Angel” by detectives investigating her case. They believe she was aged between 13 and 25 years at the time of her death. The bones could have been in the area between six months and 10 years.

Belanglo State Forest is notorious for being the killing grounds for serial killer “the backpacker murderer” Ivan Milat.

Strike Force Hixson was formed to investigate the discovery but, despite extensive inquiries in NSW and across the country, detectives have not been able to identify her.

“Through extensive checks with missing persons records, it appears no-one has ever reported this teenage girl or young woman missing, but someone must know who she is,” said Homicide Squad Commander, Detective Superintendent Michael Willing.

“The female’s teeth show signs of dental work typical of Western dentistry and commonly carried out inAustralia, but so far we’ve been unable to match them with dental records,” he said.

Police are again releasing an artistic impression of a T-shirt which was located by officers near the skeletal remains.  The T-shirt is short sleeved with a distinct motif featuring the word ‘Angelic’ in pink text, a rose and a heart with angel wings.  This type of T-shirt is no longer available for sale however was available for sale inNew South Walesand other parts ofAustraliafrom the early to mid 2000s.

Anyone with information that could help them identify the teenage girl or young woman to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

  1. It`s stranage that no-one ever reported that she was missing. And that she can`t be identified.

  2. The thout of this. Occurring reminds me of. Ivan yet the. Same emo could apply depending the cause of death and if she. Was. I. Similar areas that mr milat used.from this story the. Search should be reviewed to. National and not limit to Facebook or. Any media as someone’s family is missing a child and or perhaps a mothe a daughter sister whatever there is. Definatly a someone to know. Let the system. Ride it never works always and people forget these cases sems nsw needs a polished task force to concentrate on matters less urgent. But they seem to be on leave for. Stress or. Some event to protect. What is not needed so. Look deeper there is a resolution I’m sure I wish I could. Get paid to search I know I’d at least. Find a sure lead some place I’m not even a cop but I’d be betting on a lead in less time than they have done thus far .

  3. Facial features and shape look alot like Jenenne-Ann ALLEN missing since January 2003 from Croydon, England.

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