Watching the detectives

I am a rabid fan of detective shows. I’ll watch any but the grittier the better. Here’s what I have been watching lately:

DCI Banks – UKTV

I’ve been watching the series (mini-series on ITV in Britain but full-length features on Foxtel) DCI Banks on UKTV with Stephen Tomkinson. I’ve always liked Tomkinson (ever since the fantastic series Drop The Dead Donkey) and his role as DCI Alan Banks is a career high, I think. Yorkshire always provides an atmospheric backdrop to crime dramas and there’s plenty of atmosphere in this series. Tompkinson is suitably slightly craggy in his role as Banks. He looks a bit crumpled and it suits him.

Cannon – Season 1


William Conrad has to be one of the most likeable detectives…ever. He plays Frank Cannon, an ex-cop turned private eye who always gets the bad guys. Cannon ran from 1971-1976  and Conrad (who later went on to star in Jake and the Fatman) is great as the guy who gets called in to sort out crimes – usually in small towns. I love series set in the 1970s and you’ll see some well-known actors in their fledgeling tv appearances like Tom Skerritt and Martin Sheen.


Injustice – W channel

This week was the last episode of a tight British crime drama series on W channel (Foxtel) starring James Purefoy and written by Anthony Horowitz. The series centres around Purefoy as barrister Will Travers and his wife Jane (Dervla Kirwan) who have moved from London to Suffolk after it appears Travers has suffered a nervous breakdown.  It is Charlie Creed-Miles’s turn as a deeply flawed, brutal detective inspector Mark Wenborn that is a stand-out.

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  1. Canon was great. I wish people today could get reruns of his show and others like Kojak, Mannix, etc.

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