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Been a bit quiet here

Hi everyone. I felt the need to explain why posts have been a little sporadic at True Crime Reader. I am head down into writing my second book, which will have more of an international crime flavour. My first book Murder in Suburbia is going well and I’m getting lots of feedback from readers. Thanks […]

Crime news roundup

Some crime news and links from around the web: Missing in America – There are over 87,000 adults and children listed as missing in the United States and most of these cases receive no media coverage. Read more.  (HuffPost Live, November 9, 2013) Karen Williams cold case – In Australia, South Australian detectives have mad an […]

There are 1000 unidentified bodies on UK police files

    There was a BBC article this week that shocked me. There are currently around 1000 unidentified bodies on police files. Some of these bodies date back 50 years. This is so sad and baffling. How is it that people can go missing and NO ONE tries to find out what happened? I understand […]

True Crime News Roundup – week ending March 3, 2013

Some interesting article this past week: - Husband ordered to stand trial for murder of his wife and best friend ( – Why Serial Killers are so popular with TV viewers (Boston Globe) – Michigan woman’s hobby helps solve missing persons cases (USA Today)  

News roundup

True crime news from around the world: – The widow of an Atlanta police officer, who was killed on duty, died this week. The 1980 murder of officer Alfred Johnson remains unsolved. Sadly, his widow Mildred did not live to see his killer be brought to justice. (Source: – Police believe a serial killer […]

LAPD turns to Facebook to find other victims of “Grim Sleeper”

Los Angeles Police have turned to social media juggernaut Facebook to identify more potential victims of the city’s serial killer dubbed the   “Grim Sleeper”. The LAPD posted its first appeal on the dedicated Facebook page on October 18 with photographs of yet-unidentified women whose photos were found among thousands in the possession of serial […]

True Crime News Roundup

- American newspaper the Reading Eagle is documenting all the unsolved murders in Berks County – almost 100 – before January 1. A really interesting and important resource. – The story of the real-life “Dog Day Afternoon” robbery. ( – A New Jersey teen who is accused of attempted murder in setting fire to her […]

True Crime News Roundup

True crime news from online sources: – Californian serial killer faces court in New York on charges of murdering two women in the 1970s. (Source: New York Daily News) – This case is high profile in New Zealand. Ewan Macdonald on trial for the murder of his brother-in-law, farmer Scott Guy. (Source: – The […]

True Crime News Roundup

Some news links from around the web: – West Australian jury visits the perth hotel where a New Zealand man, Andy Marshall, died as part of a trial to decide whether he was murdered. – Queensland man Gerard Baden-Clay appears in court charged with the murder of his wife, Allison. This case is certain to […]

“Lipstick Killer” William Heirens dead

  One of Chicago’s most infamous killers has died in prison, aged 83 on March 5. William Heirens was arrested in 1946 and confessed to the murders of three females, including a six-year-old. Heirens, then-17, was dubbed the “Lipstick Killer” after investigators found a message  on a mirror with lipstick at one of the women’s homes […]

Crime News Roundup

Crime news links that I’ve found interesting this past week: – A 42-year-old man, Lesley Camilleri has been charged with murder of Melbourne teen Prudence Bird, who went missing in 1992.  The disappearance of Prue Bird has been one of Victoria’s most baffling unsolved crimes. (Source: – An appeal for the truth about what happened to her […]

Crime News Roundup

A selection of Crime news articles and blog posts that I have found interesting this past week: Van Der Sloot sentenced to 28 years – The prime suspect in the death of Alabama student Natalee Holloway, Joran Van der Sloot,  sentenced to 28 years in Peru for murder of 21-year-old student. Natalee Holloway was officially […]

Dean Corll and the lost boys of Houston

I thought  I knew about most serial killers and multiple murderers but this week I discovered mass murders from the 1970s, which haunt a city and countless families to this day. In 1973, Dean Corll was found shot to death in Houston – information from the young men who shot the former candy salesman to […]

Crime Bites

Some interesting crime and justice  news from the around the world: No leads in Rotorua missing persons cases - New Zealand Police launched the Missing Persons website last August which featured profiles of current and historic missing people.  (The Daily Post, September 24, 2011) Chronicle of Crime in Kentucky – A new book details some of […]

Human bones found at Morcombe search site

There’s been a major development today in the search for the remains of missing Sunshine Coast boy Daniel Morcombe. Queenland newspaper The Courier Mail has reported that police have confirmed the bones found at the search site are human. Two sneakers (sports shoes) were also found at the site. It was also reported this weekend […]

Man arrested for Daniel Morcombe’s Murder

Queensland Police have charged a man with the murder of missing Sunshine Coast teenager Daniel Morcombe. The accused, 41, has also been charged with deprivation of liberty, child stealing, indecent treatment of child under 16 and interference with a corpse. In a press conference held this evening, Queensland Police Deputy Commissioner Ross Barnett praised the dedication […]

True Crime News

Crime news links that I’ve found interesting this past week: Man arrested in Cornwall double-murder investigation (Belfast Telegraph, July 14, 2011) Two men on holiday in Cornwall are missing and believed to have been murdered. I find this story intriguing, more so because I know the area very well where they are believed to have […]

Crime news

Interesting news stories this week: - If someone’s missing they’ll look – an article about search and rescue volunteers in Winnipeg. (Winnipeg Free Press) – America’s Most Wanted has been changed from a weekly format to quarterly specials, prompting its host John Walsh to ponder its future. John Walsh, whose son Adam was abducted and murdered in […]

Crime news

A selection of crime news this week. Roomate faces hate crime charges (NY Times, April 20, 2011) – This story is incredibly tragic. the roommate of  Tyler Clementi who killed himself in September, has been indicted on hate-crime charges in using a webcam to stream Mr. Clementi’s romantic encounter with another man on the Internet in the […]

Keli Lane Sentencing

In what is one of the most intriguing, infamous and sad Australian cases in recent times, Sydney woman Keli Lane was sentenced this week to 18 years jail for murdering her newborn daughter Tegan in 1996. Baby Tegan has never been found despite Lane’s consistent line that she handed over her second-born child (Lane adopted […]

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