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There are 1000 unidentified bodies on UK police files

    There was a BBC article this week that shocked me. There are currently around 1000 unidentified bodies on police files. Some of these bodies date back 50 years. This is so sad and baffling. How is it that people can go missing and NO ONE tries to find out what happened? I understand […]

Untying the Knot: John Mark Byers & the West Memphis Three

Review by Rachel EC Untying the knot is a well written, well researched conclusion to the West Memphis Three case by Greg Day. It is overly detailed in regards to the victims, their families and the three accused. It outlines confidently the unsubstantiated (although not completely out of scope) suspicion of John Mark Byers as […]

Unsolved East

Here is a project I have worked on for most of this year – UNSOLVED EAST.  It’s a multimedia special on some cold cases from the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. – There’s the case of mother and daughter Margaret and Seana Tapp who were murdered in their beds in 1984. – Who is Mr Cruel? […]

How did Clare Morrison die?

The cause of 13-year-old Clare Morrison’s death is still a mystery. The Geelong girl’s naked body washed up on the famous surfer haunt Bell’s Beach, Torquay on December 19, 1992. Clare’s body had been attacked by a shark and whether she has been sexually assaulted, or how and why she died, has never been determined. […]

Young Blood: The Story of the Family Murders

During the 1970s and early 1980s young men were going missing in Adelaide. All fit and healthy, these men – five that are known of – disappeared from the streets of the city and then their bodies were found dumped in rivers, paddocks and reservoirs. The young men were used and abused and died from […]

True Crime News Roundup

True crime news from online sources: – Californian serial killer faces court in New York on charges of murdering two women in the 1970s. (Source: New York Daily News) – This case is high profile in New Zealand. Ewan Macdonald on trial for the murder of his brother-in-law, farmer Scott Guy. (Source: – The […]

Unsolved: The murders of Kirsty Bentley and Jennifer Beard

NEW Zealand, though a country with a small population of around 4.3million, has had its share of brutal crimes and unsolved murders. The Press details nine unsolved murders that police in the Canterbury region of New Zealand. The renewed look at the unsolved murders comes after an arrest in the high profile case of Christchurch […]

Remains of unidentified female found in Belanglo State Forest

NEW South Wales homicide squad detectives are appealing for information to identify a woman whose remains were found at Belanglo State Forest last year. Police have released an image depicting the deceased female, believed to be a teenage girl or young woman and the image is the result of a ‘facial approximation’ that was completed based […]

Unsolved murder of teens Fiona Burns and John Lee

  It has been 21 years since teenagers Fiona Burns, 15 and John Lee, 14 were found dead at a truck parking bay, near the South Australian border. Victoria Police homicide detectives have launched a fresh appeal for information to solve the case. The teens’ bodies were discovered on October  18, 1990 at the truck […]

Profile of the Disappearance of Madeleine McCann by Pat Brown

The disappearance of British child Madeleine McCann in 2007 is probably the highest profile missing child case in the world at the moment. Criminal profiler Pat Brown has written a profile of the disappearance of the then-three -year-old while she was on a family holiday in Portugal. This 76-page e-book hit the headlines recently when […]

But I Trusted You by Ann Rule

As I’ve mentioned before on True Crime Reader, I love me a bit of Ann Rule. She’s like the high priestess of true crime writing. But I Trusted You is Vol 14 of Rule’s crime files. The main case in the collection is about the murder of high school counselor Chuck Leonard by his wife […]

Unsolved murders: Nanette Ellis and Margaret and Seana Tapp

This week I reported on the 1984 unsolved murder of Boronia mother and newspaper manager Nanette Ellis. I first read about this case at least two years ago when I stumbled upon a 1990 Herald Sun article called “Who murdered them?”, which detailed many unsolved murders that Victoria Police still hoped to solve. What I […]

True Crime Reader interview: Defrosting Cold Cases

The team at the website Defrosting Cold Cases (DCC) take a truly collaborative approach to looking at (and trying to solve) unsolved murders.Created in 2009 by the enigmatic “Vidocq”, also known as Vidster ( a lawyer with a long history in the fields of criminology and human rights defence) the DCC blog came about because […]

Australian Missing Persons

It’s Australian Missing Persons Week (August 1-7) and the Federal Police estimate that around 35,000 people go missing in this country each year. The campaign focus for 2011 is “when someone goes missing, more that one person is lost”. Statistics indicate that for every person reported missing, 12 people – including family members, friends and […]

True Crime News

Crime news links that I’ve found interesting this past week: Man arrested in Cornwall double-murder investigation (Belfast Telegraph, July 14, 2011) Two men on holiday in Cornwall are missing and believed to have been murdered. I find this story intriguing, more so because I know the area very well where they are believed to have […]

Walsh Street by Tom Noble

Mention the words “Walsh Street” and most Melburnians, if not Australians, will know what it means. Journalist Tom Noble gives an exhaustive account of the cold-blooded 1988 executions of young Victoria Police Constables Steven Tynan  and Damian Eyre in Walsh Street, South Yarra, an exclusive Melbourne suburb. The book also details the life and crimes […]

The Short Family Murders – UNSOLVED

  An Unsolved murder case that came to my attention in the past few weeks is that of the Short family – Mary, Michael and Jennifer, their nine-year-old daughter.  On August 15th, 2002, Michael and Mary Short were shot in the head in their Virgina, US,  home while they slept and  nine-year-old daughter Jennifer was missing.  Jennifer was found […]


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