Crime blogs

Blogs and websites for those interested in crime and related issues:


Crime Case Files – Crime Case Files, contains and reviews all crime cases including, Forensics, Drugs, Institutions. and all other crime related media.

Murder Map – London homicide reported directly from the Old Bailey. The Murder Map project aims to create the first ever comprehensive picture of homicide in London.

Historical Crime Detective – Great research site dedicated to forgotten crimes and forgotten criminals.

True Crime Blog UK – a crime blog by true crime writer Ian Hitchings. Ian’s author site is

Bonnie’s Blog of Crime – True crime, missing persons and justice issues.

Crime Magazine – comprehensive site on all things crime.

In Reference to Murder – Great list of links on crime and punishment.

Women in Crime Ink – Crime and media issues from female criminal justice professionals and authors. Love this site.

Indentifinders’ Blog – fascinating blog on finding identities.

The Criminal Report Daily – Discovery Channel’s crime and investigation blog site.

Real Crimes – Real cover-up and corruption by law enforcement. A site for families, victims and the media.

Criminal Tales – British Detective Sergeant Darren Bruce writes about his experiences with crime.

True Crime Diva – Personal blog of a true crime addict who believes in justice.

True Crime Zine – From Kim Cantrell. Replaces True Crime Book Reviews blog.

Crime Case Files – A not for profit site with information and links to Crime websites and blogs.

Court Junkie – A place for fellow court case addicts.



True Crime Book Reviews – a brilliant site by true crime reader Kim Cantrell.

Fair Dinkum Crime – Australian crime fiction reviews and news.

The Guardian True Crime – true crime book reviews in The Guardian.

Euro Crime – Snippets about British and other European crime fiction, tv and film.

Mystery Fanfare – News,Events,Books,Thoughts from Janet Rudolph.

Maine Crime Writers – The website of Maine-based crime writers. (What an amazing place to live!)

Kembra Publications – The home of true crime author and librarian Grahame Farrell’s true crime writings.


  1. Mike Morford

    Great list of cold case sites, I am going to check them all out. For anybody interested in serial killers, or the Zodiac Killer in particular, be sure to check out my Zodiac Killer site for all the newest and up to date information

  2. Lisa Camp

    We are a scholarly publisher. We’ve been in business since 1979. We are a traditional (Royalty-paying; no money flows from an author to us) publisher. We are looking for more true crime books. We’d be happy to hear from authors with proposals.

  3. John Hook

    If you’re interested in diving into a great cold case, I’m writing a blog to go along with the release of my book about the murder of Bob Crane. I’ve got access to ton of never before release evidence, like access to Bob Crane’s autopsy. I try and post about once a week.

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