What the Mother Knew by Edmund Tadros

What the Mother Knew by Sydney journalist Edmund Tadros is as gripping as it is a straightforward presentation of the murder of Jody Galante in 2006.

Before reading this book I was not aware of the case (I had been living overseas) but I couldn’t put Tadros’s book down. As a fellow hack, I appreciated his clean, clear presentation of facts in chronological order that detailed who Jody and her husband Mark Galante were, and the events leading up to her murder.

Mark Galante was convicted in 2008 of the the “cold-blooded murder” of his pregnant wife Jody, 26 in the Blue Mountains in 2006.

Tadros covered the case for The Sydney Morning Herald and tells the story of this young couple and the circumstances that led to Galante murdering his pregnant wife Jody. Tadros uses fact, interviews with family and friends of the couple and even a handwritten note at the end from Galante answering some of Tadros’s questions about his life in prison.

There is nothing over-complicated in Tadros’s writing and this allows the disturbing story of the murder of Jody Galante to unfold and also highlights the dark heart of Australian life – the futility of non-functioning relationships, drug use and its impact on a person’s psyche and their loved ones and innocent children being born into dysfunctional relationships.

What the Mother Knew is one of my favourite Australian true crime reads of recent years.

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  1. I need help with an essay paper that i’em doing for uni, does anyone know what impact does true crime books have on own youth/ young adults that do read them and are there any statics that prove that what thay read drive them to commit such a crime and does the content drive them to do so?

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