Murder at Holy Cross – review

Murder at Holy Cross

Murder at Holy Cross by Peter Davidson is about the 2001 murder of Michelle Lewis, a Catholic sister, at the Holy Cross Academy in Florida. The murderer was a teenage apprentice monk from Ukraine Mykhaylo Kofel. Kofel was training  to be a monk with the Byzantine Monastic Order of the Eastern Orthodox Church.

The book predominantly deals with the trial of Kofel but also the murky background of Holy Cross Academy and its practices. The reasons for the murder of Michelle Lewis were never adequately explained by Kofel or understood by authorities. This frustrated me as a reader but Davidson’s details of the life at the Hoy Cross Academy are excellent.

Murder at Holy Cross is published by Berkley True Crime, a division of The Penguin Group.

For more information on this crime see:

“Monk in Training said he Killed Nun” (St Petersburg Times)

” Ex-Monastery Student Guilty in Nun’s Slaying” (


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