True Murder podcast with Dan Zupansky

If you love your true crime books then the podcast True Murder is a  must. (It sounds quite macabre but I listen to this podcast while I am cooking or cleaning the kitchen.)

Every week host and author Dan Zupansky interviews authors that have written about “the most shocking killers of all time”. From Columbine to Ted Bundy to the  BTK serial killer and lots of other cases of murder, Zupansky conducts an in-depth (over one hour) interview with authors (many of them journalists who covered the cases) about the crimes, why they were interested in the cases and the background to the books.

True Murder podcast is available from iTunes and Blog Talk Radio. Zupansky is also the author of Trophy Kill:  The “Shall We Dance” Murder.

  1. Fred Rosen starts off saying Gary Hilton became a serial killer at 61 with no history of violence, then brings up the shooting when he was a teenager. Just saying.

  2. Dan,I so much love your show.i always
    Felt strange enjoying the stories of true
    Crime.i would hide books I was reading
    Like it was porn or something.thanks for
    What you do Dan.jaime

  3. Love your show but please stop bringing on Fred Rosen. Life is too short for someone who can’t stick to a story or answer a question. He just loves to talk.

  4. As a new podcast listener and True Crime lover I want to thank Dan for this brilliant series. From listening to the authors and previewing the books I can narrow down the ones that I am interested in enough to purchase the book ore book. I also want to say that Audible is well worth the money. I am a little technically challenged and have had no issues at all in downloading and listening to books. Keep up the good work Dan!!

    1. I love the podcast too!

  5. Killer show

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