Crime news

A selection of crime news this week.

Roomate faces hate crime charges (NY Times, April 20, 2011) – This story is incredibly tragic. the roommate of  Tyler Clementi who killed himself in September, has been indicted on hate-crime charges in using a webcam to stream Mr. Clementi’s romantic encounter with another man on the Internet in the days before the suicide. It is so sad that the internet is used as a vehicle for humiliation and to invade privacy, with these shocking consequences.

Aussie film on Snowtown murders selected for showing at Cannes (, April 19, 2011). The Snowtown murders, also known as “The Bodies in Barrels” murders, rank among Australia most gruesome. The murders of 11 people in the South Australian town happened between 1992 and 1999. The film is set for release in Australian cinemas in May.

Police find remains in search for missing girl (The Australian, April 22, 2011) The remains are believed to be those of missing 6-year-old Mt Druitt girl Keisha Abrahams. Her mother and stepfather were charged over her murder today.

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