Lady Killer – How conman Bruce Burrell kidnapped and killed rich women for their money

Lady Killer by Candace Sutton and Ellen Connolly is the authoratitive book on the kidnapping and murders of Dottie Davis and Kerry Whelan and the police investigation into the man responsible – Bruce Burrell.

In particular, the kidnapping of Kerry Whelan in 1997 garnered huge media attention. Mrs Whelan was the wife of wealthy business executive Bernie and her body has never been found.  This book sets out in gripping fashion then disappearance of Mrs Whelan and the subsequent police focus on Burrell – a deluded character in dire financial straits who was always trying to con money and possessions – cars, guns – to fund his lifestyle.

The investigation into Burrell also revealed that he has been questioned over the 1995 disappearance of wealthy widow and grandmother Dottie Davis. Burrell had borrowed $100,000 from Mrs Davis.

It took over 10 years for the cases to go to trial and the details of the police investigation are gripping.

It is very sad that Mrs Davis and Mrs Whelan’s bodies have never been found.

Burrell is in jail, never to be released and the families of his victims hope he will one day reveal where their loved ones’ bodies are.

Lady Killer is published by Allen & Unwin.


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