Beyond Bad: The Life and Crimes of Katherine Knight, Australia’s Hannibal

Katherine Knight’s crime is one of the most shocking and brutal in Australian history.

In 2000 the former abattoir worker and mother of four stabbed (37 times), skinned and beheaded her partner John Price but amazingly, there was worse to come. Knight cooked his head and served up some of his flesh as a meal intended for his adult children.

In Beyond Bad, author Sandra Lee delves into Knights life to document what motivated the then 44-year-old to kill her partner so viciously.  Besides the horrific crime, one of the aspects of the book I found most depressing was the fact that Knight was known for her violence and temper yet she got in relationship after relationship – her children are from three fathers – where the men seemed too placid, transfixed or immobilised to do anything.

The reader also learns about the victim of Knight, John Price – “Pricey” – who was a loved character in Aberdeen and a devoted father of three (he had no children with Knight). In Beyond Bad Lee portrays Pricey sensitively and as the lovable Aussie character that he is remembered as by friends and family.

The chapters about the actual crime are very disturbing – be warned!

Knight was jailed for in 2001 for the rest of her life, with no possibility of parole. It is the harshest sentence handed down to a female criminal in Australian history.

Beyond Bad by Sandra Lee is published by Bantam.

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