No Mercy by John Walsh


I picked up this book at an op shop and it’s a pacey, interesting read about the cases that drive John Walsh, the host of America’s Most Wanted, in his quest to catch criminals.

For those who don’t know, John Walsh’s six-year-old son Adam was abducted and murdered in Florida in 1981. Walsh has dedicated his life ever since to the pursuit of justice for victims and their families and started hosting America’s Most Wanted in 1988. (The show has been scaled back by Fox to quarterly specials.)

In No Mercy, cases that have been cracked by AMW (through tip-offs by the public) are featured including its most high profile – the capture of family annihilator John List. List murdered his wife, three children and mother in 1971 and went on the run for 18 years until AMW aired the case in 1989 and a tip-off led to his arrest.

One of the most shocking and heartbreaking parts of this book is the list and photos of children still missing (AMW had, by 1998, reunited 23 missing children with their families). There are A LOT of children who are missing in the United States.

You can pick up a copy of No Mercy through eBay or Amazon and other used book sites on the internet. It’s worth a read.


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