Paul B. Kidd’s Never To Be Released Volume 4


Undoubtedly one of Australia’s most popular true crime writers, Paul B. Kidd serves up more case files of Australia’s “most vicious” murderers in Never to be Released Volume 4 .

Among the case files are chapters on the notorious Snowtown serial murders (also known as “the bodies in the barrels”), the brutal slaying of his family by 20-year-old Sef Gonzales, the assassination of Australian Federal Police Assistant Commissioner Colin Winchester and the horrific murder of teenage hitchhiker Peter Aston.

In particular, the story of Paul Luckman and Robert Reid, who murdered 13-year-old Aston, will shock readers, though all of the cases in Kidd’s books are some of the worst in Australia. The crime occurred in 1982 in New South Wales and the murderous duo of Reid (still in jail) and Luckman (released in 1999 and now living as a woman after gender reassignment surgery) inflicted the most horrific injuries on their young victim.

There’s also the story of Bruce Burrell who has been convicted of the murders of Kerry Whelan and Dorothy Davis – both very wealthy women. The bodies of the women have never been found and Burrell refuses to talk to police about where their bodies could be located. Mrs Whelan’s abduction and disappearance received much press coverage. She was the wife of wealthy businessman Bernie Whelan, whom Burrell had worked for.

Essential reading for people who want to find out about Australian true crime.

Never to Be Released Volume 4 is published by Five Mile Press

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