Young Blood: The Story of the Family Murders


During the 1970s and early 1980s young men were going missing in Adelaide. All fit and healthy, these men – five that are known of – disappeared from the streets of the city and then their bodies were found dumped in rivers, paddocks and reservoirs. The young men were used and abused and died from their injuries.

The highest-profile of the victims was the 15-year-old son of popular newsreader Rob Kelvin. Richard Kevin was last seen on a Sunday early evening. He was kidnapped and kept for five weeks, used and tortured before his body was found.

Bevan Spencer von Einem was charged with Richard’s murder and believed to be responsible for the deaths of the other four men. He is serving a life sentence.

The author of Young Blodd, Bob O’Brien, gives his weight of experience of the case to his book. O’Brien was a detective in the South Australia Police and was on the investigation team into Richard’s disappearance.

“The Family” reference in the title is about the speculation that von Einem and a network of pedophiles were responsible for the abuse of the missing men.

Young Blood was published by Harper Collins in 2002.

  1. Whenever this story is brought up my heart rate increases and I get a sick feeling.around 1979-80 I had been in Nth Adelaide O’Connel st,had a few beers and a meal with mates,when I left I was waiting for a cab when a car pulled up and offered to take me to meet some women at a Prospect house,I got in the car and was given a bottle of coke which I declined,we drove past a house in Prospect when the driver said no one was home,I felt uneasy and suggested to drop me off,he asked again if I wanted a coke which I said no,I changed the subject.Who can you trust to give my whole story to ?

    1. Hi Maclain. I am a journalist too. I have just finished my first true crime book. We could talk via email?

  2. This could have been my fate! Bevan Spencer von Einem picked me up in 1978, but his behaviour soon raised alarm bells as he tried luring me back to his house, so I jumped out of his car and RAN!!! This book brought home the horror of what (possibly) awaited me had I stayed.

    1. This is so scary!

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  4. I used to hitchhike home from the city in 78 79 80 and got picked up by some Creeps one Friday night about 4am this guy picked me up near the Tivoli.,he grabbed my hand and tried to make me touch him,I was 16.I never forgot his face and when I eventually saw a picture of Von Einem, I recognized him.Luckily he didn’t have any of his gang with him that night.

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