How did Clare Morrison die?


The cause of 13-year-old Clare Morrison’s death is still a mystery.

The Geelong girl’s naked body washed up on the famous surfer haunt Bell’s Beach, Torquay on December 19, 1992.

Clare’s body had been attacked by a shark and whether she has been sexually assaulted, or how and why she died, has never been determined.

Clare had been known to hang out at Geelong Mall. Geelong is a large regional centre in Victoria. Despite her middle-class upbringing and good education, Clare was known to youth services in the town.

Police assume that Clare must have been given a lift to Bell’s Beach. Investigators were given false information in the days after Clare’s death, which diverted their efforts for six months. Police had believed that a blue Holden Commodore sedan was the vital clue in discovering Clare’s final movements.

Clare’s death remains one of Geelong’s highest profile cold cases and there is a $50,000 reward for information that helps police find out who killed her.

  1. probably should get try and get DNA if possible,although probably already knoen that they need to get DNA.
    Also looking into who ever gave the false infomation would be a good Idea.
    This is probably already known and this comment is probably useless but i don`t really care that it`s useless.

  2. this was a very sad tragedy, i knew Clare Morrison i was an old friend of hers when we were kids. It shocked me and really upset me alot what happened to Clare. I hope they find what happened to her. Its now been 21 years ago, R.I.P. Clare

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment. It must have been awful to have your close friend die, let alone not know what happened to her.

  3. She was my friend. We used to meet in the mall after school. We would often meet after music class. She was a quiet sweet girl. I remember her well and remember the last time I saw her was in the mall and I walked her to a bus ;-(

  4. It was very sad tragedy I think of claire often.

  5. I think of claire everyday and remember the tragedy of that day! R.I.P claire

  6. This tragic event has stayed with a lot of people for many years as Clare was a well known, loved girl and is now and forever will be missed by many. Back then in the mall it was different as to what it is now… We were all one big family and always there for one another… When Clare went missing, it rocked our little community within the streets of gtown. RIP Clare Morrisey

  7. It was her 35th bday on june 11. Clare and I moved to geelong from meb the same week and went to norlane ps then matthew flinders together. We did singing dancing horseriding and tennis lessons together. Our mums were friends. Lost touch last few months after years of being one of my best friends. I found out on my bday. I often think of her it was very upsetting and I miss her still.

    1. Hi Ally, I’m a journalist working on a story which will hopefully bring public attention back to this case. I’m looking for any friends or family of Clare’s who might be able to help out. I’d really appreciate it if you could give me a call on (03) 9420, 3373. Thanks Eliza

  8. Just seen a show on missing teenager and made me think of Clare.I think about Clare sometimes and I just wish I knew what happened to her that night. I hope one day they find out for the family sake .RIP Clare

  9. I remember and think of her alot she will never be forgotten by any of us from the mall along with sean

  10. Rip our friend. I will never forget that night either. Such a smiley happy girl. It was the commodore that was the false information. Total cover up. People out there know but have never come forward.

  11. I thought this was special. My baby was born on her birthday June 11. This year! A close friend of mine at mfgsc and forever in my heart and mind.

  12. As time goes on the person that made the false statement still makes false statements, maybe the police should look into that…

  13. My kids were friends of Clare and her brothers. I was friends with her Mum, my now ex husband was friends with her Dad. I attended her Mum’s funeral and met the boys again. So sad that her Mum passed without knowing what happened. I think it made it harder as the police at the time gave the media the impression that Clare was a street kid. My daughter a few years younger than Clare was probably over protected because of the shock we felt when we lost Clare. We spent months looking for that car with twin exhausts… why the false lead?

  14. I was Clare and Her Brothers Baby Sitter when They all first Moved from Melbourne. They were all Beautiful Children, I got to know them all very well as Inderviduals too, They were all very Bright, Bouncy and Full of Life, no challenge was too Much for These Kids, They would Exaust me Lol!. I had My own Three Little Boys under Three Years old and We all Became such great Friends that the Clare and Her Older Brother would visit Me on Weekends and Hang out and watch Movies or go for walks in the park with My Kids too. Sadly Two Years after Meeting Them I Moved to Melbourne to care for my Sick Mother, I Froze in Shock and cried with disbelief when I heard of Clare’s Death. Who could Harm such a Beautiful, Sweet, Innocent Little Girl So Full of Life with so much to Give others?. Rest in Peace Beautiful Angel. I will never forget Your infectious Little Giggle. My Love goes out to Your Brothers too, I Hope and Pray that you find Answers and bring Whoever is responsible for Clare’s Death to Face The Justice System.

  15. I knew Claire when I lived on the streets as a teenager .. She was one of the most kind spirited genuine trustworthy people I had ever met … Back then was different to the streets of geelong today .. We all looked out for each other .. One big family so to speak .. The death of Claire shattered a lot of us for a long time …
    Always in my thoughts beautiful girl
    #foreveryoung xx

  16. I hardly knew Claire, but I remember how friendly she was. Claire was the year below me at Matthew Flinders. I will never forget the dread and sadness I felt when learning of her death and the brutality of it. I often think of her and wonder why this case hasn’t been solved and no one has been brought to justice for this crime. I’ll always remember her beautiful face and her infectious smile. RIP sweet girl xx

    1. Yes Her Death will Haunt us all until it is Solved!. Someone knows something, or is Holding on to Imformation that is very Valuable to solve this Unspeakable Act that Snatched away the Life of an Innocent Young Girl. How could Someone who is even a Human Being Live with that Secret and Sleep at Night!!!. ” Forever Young Beautiful Girl”. Love Danni xoxo

  17. I met Clare when I was 15 in town. Clare’s last days where spent with me and my family in Melbourne after she came to visit. The day we got back to geelong, was when she got murdered. There isn’t a month that goes by that I don’t think of her. Still miss her with all my heart. I often tell my daughter who is now also 13 stories about how wonderful she was. RIP Clare and Reggi!!

    1. That must be so hard for you to Live with and think about Rebbecca!. I truly Hope You don’t Blame Yourself in any way. It is a Terrible Agonising situation that You have had to Live and think about Clare like that from such a very Young age. Just know that there is someone out there to talk to if you need, and I truly Hope you find some Peace in Your Heart SweetHeart.

      1. thanks Danni!!

  18. I think about gorgeous, smiley Clare everyday & still have horrible nightmares about what happened to her constantly.
    I often wonder how the hell whoever did this sleeps at night.

  19. Gorgeous, smiley Clare is often in my thoughts. I still have horrible nightmares about what happened to her constantly.
    I have no idea how whoever did this to that beautiful girl sleeps at night.
    Btw I didn’t know that her Mum died, that poor woman. Hope Clare’s brothers are ok.

  20. There is definitely somebody out there that knows who and how this happened. I was in Clare’s grade 6 class in 1990 at Norlane Primary School. She was always a happy person and nothing seemed t bother her. I just wish that one day they work out what happened so all of her family and friends can get some closure. We all miss you Clare.

    1. I also knew Clare Morrison as well she was my childhood friend my grandmother used to live down the road from Clare at yooringa ave Norlane at the time. My cousins went to Norlane primary school with Clare and her brother Andrew way back than when we kids. I really miss her I was devastated when I heard the news. Clare was a really lovely popular girl she was so sweet and beautiful. We used to go to the Norlane swimming pool when we were kids and hanging out with another girl name Michelle when we kids. It’s been 24 years ago no one been caught. I hope someone out there knows what happened to her. I miss her deeply I love her.

  21. Someone needs to bring this cold case into mainstream media . New legislation should now provide a 1 million dollar reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction.
    Whoever you are who was there , if you played a minor part or just know , what exactly , would you do when the million dollar check cleared in your bank account. What would you buy first ?
    Immunity can be granted if you get this horrific nightmare off your chest . The time has come for you to free yourself from this burden .
    There’s more than a million places in this country to start new life .
    RIP Clare . In gods hands .

    1. Well said Peter!

  22. I also knew Claire. I hung around with her in town back when they had the old Golden Cue. God luv her met her on the steps she was the lizard queen. She loved the doors. From that moment we clicked. I remember her being at my house eat weetbix with sugar on them. That’s it. Lol. This has affected my life so much. After all these years I still have major breakdowns. I just can’t let go especially when the person responsible is still out there. Love you lizard queen xxx

    1. Unfortunately a certain person had to speak shit. I had to be interviewed by homicide detective’s at the age of 13. Then he wanted to speak shit to the Age newspaper and say she was coming to my house. Sorry but fuck you. I hope you rot in hell. Sorry for the rant

  23. Moved to geeling from melb 2 weeks apart spent most of grade 4 to start year 8 horseriding tennis and rollerskating many sleepovers very close friends. Went to primary and high school together. Year 8 gree different directions and she left school. Saw her on the bus big hugs then gone. Stil think of her a lot over the years and still miss her

  24. Devo, sends his love to all Clare’s friends. You may also remember me as the seaweed man. The Geelong mall thought me a lot, the outpost fed me when I was hungry, Clare’s friends comforted me when I was lonely, and your town cared for me just as they did when I was a little boy growing up in St Augustines in the 70″s. I wish I wasn’t in police custody the night Claire died, because I can smell a rat a mile off, luv you all, Devo…

  25. I am know a student of MFGSC and still remember her. R.I.P

  26. Hello, I’m a journalist and hoping to put together a story to bring this case back into the spotlight and create an appeal for information. Would really appreciate any friends of family of Clare to please give me a call on (03) 9420 3373. Thanks, Elizabeth

  27. Does any one remember a Person ( well she would have been a Child then) Margie Bushell?). She was my Neighbors Child that had a great deal to do with Clare.

  28. Shark attacks are largely covered up in Australia whenever possible to protect tourism and shark conservation agendas. At present it is illegal for pilots to report shark close proximity situations and despite repeated attempts to expose the mismanagement we are still in the hands of shark zoo people who control this domain. Despite other factors with this case the focus was pulled from her death which was most probably due to swimming and being taken by a Great White shark.

  29. Eliza : I have made a note of your Phone Number and will call you sometime in the future. I do not have a crystal ball, or a magic wand, but I once, and hope I still do, had the trust and respect of all the kid’s in the Geelong mall, after giving up a well paid job, and moving back to Geelong where I spent much of my own childhood, after learning of what had happened to one of our own. Hello Emma, Karen, Normie (Karen’s boyfriend), Diff, Sarah, and all those who I haven’t mentioned. Happy New Year from, Devo! (Whip it good)

  30. Rip Claire..
    Think of that day often.. the mall was very different to today….
    There were lots.of rumours about the goings on .
    A commodore did enter the mall that night it and Claire did speak to peeps that were in it as i saw this myself..
    She didnt get into it then but may of later that evening.. who knows only them.
    Some.closure on this for.all of us especially claore and het family
    Xxx RIP gorgeous forever young and in our hearts and

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