Missing You by Justine Ford


Missing You by Justine Ford is one of the latest releases from The Five Mile Press. I really enjoyed this book. I am endlessly fascinated by missing persons cases and journalist Justine Ford has selected cases that are notorious, heartbreaking and intriguing.

In particular Ford has written a chapter on a recent missing persons case: Boronia, Victoria schoolgirl “Bung” Siriboon who vanished without a trace on her way to school in 2011. (Since the book’s release, a matter of only weeks ago, police released fresh information that Bung was sighted less that a couple of hundred metres from her school. This shows she was on her way to school and police believe she was abducted by a local resident.)

Another chapter is on Perth’s mystery man who had gone under a train while he was walking along the tracks in 1998. To this day no one has come forward to help the police positively identify the man, who was aged between 25-35.

There’s also a chapter on one of the highest profile missing persons cases in Australia – Queensland boy Daniel Morcombe. Tragically, Daniel’s remains were found last year. He had been missing since December 2003.

I definitely recommend Missing You. It’s a heartbreaking read. It never ceases to amaze me that people go missing or are never identified. Someone must know them?

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