True True Blood by Megan Norris

Melbourne author Megan Norris goes to the dark, dark side of human nature with her latest book True True Blood.


Billed as “The sickening truth behind our most grisly vampire slayings”, Norris details nine vampire killing cases – including two from Australia.

The  case I remember most (and was keen to read more about)  is that of Brisbane lesbian vampire killer Tracey Wiggington who made world headlines in 1989 when she was arrested for the brutal murder of a man whom she lured, along with her band of lesbian devotees, under the pretext of sex but slayed him and drank his blood from a stab wound in his neck.

Wiggington was quietly released from prison early in 2012 after almost 23 years in jail.

Another chapter in the book is dedicated to Perth killers Jessica Stasinowsky, 20, and Valerie Parashumti, 19, wo murdered their 16-year-old housemate Stacey Mitchell in 2006. The girls killed their housemate for no other reason that she was “annoying” them and attacked her after after giving her alcohol containing a sleeping pill. The pair then bashed the teenager with a concrete block. Parashumti was discovered to have drank blood as part of a vampire subculture that she was obsessed with.

Their trial caused shock around Australia  as details emerged that the pair shared a passionate kiss over the dying teenager and giggled through their pre-sentence hearing. They were jailed for life in 2008 with a minimum of 24 years.

True True Blood also includes the story of Sacramento vampire killer Richard Chase who killed six people in just one month and the Kentucky Vampire Clan killer Rod Ferrell who was under the delusion that he was a 500-year-old vampire.

Norris is a journalist with over 30 years who has covered some of the biggest crime cases for Australian magazines and newspapers. Her passion is true crime writing and true crime readers will appreciate her enthusiastic, detailed work.

True True Blood is available now in bookstores and online and is published by The Five Mile Press.

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