Mafia Summit by Gil Reavill

The prologue for Mafia Summit is so intriguing and sets the scene for a vivid, cracking true tale of a pivotal moment in the history of organised crime in America. Picture a bunch of sharp suits and slick vehicles in the tiny town of Apalachin, New York State. It was a midweek in 1957 and an eagle-eyed local police sergeant was about to rumble a secret meeting of the elusive Mafia.

This book by Gil Reavill is simply a well-paced, fascinating read about the Mafia, the events that led up to the 1957 gathering and what happened after in terms of law enforcements’ efforts to tackle the mobsters.

The detail is exhaustive and those who are familiar with Mafia history will really enjoy this book. The crime details are fascinating but it’s also quite detailed in the quest by the Kennedys to bring the Mafia under control.

There’s a handy map featured that pinpoints where the Apalachin Summit attendees were from and is a great way to do your own further reading about the mob, though Mafia Summit is perfectly good as a stand-alone read.

Highly recommended. I’m not hugely interested in reading about the Mafia but this book ignited my interest in reading more.

Mafia Summit is published by Thomas Dunne Books (a division of St Martin’s Press).


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  1. I’m from Apalachin. Born 1955.
    Why does the media have a hard time pronouncing App ah lay kin. ???? Apalachin
    Read in Mafia Summit, App ah LAKE kin…incorrect. No emphasis on either of 4 syllables. Goodfellas, killed the name. What research. Members of the mob ran south, parralle, to Apalachin and Pennsylvania towards Rhodes Rd. Near where I lived. My mom was taking down laundry off back porch, facing the creek, and saw men running. Supposedly they were picked up on Rhodes rd. And we have no mountains!! Only hills.
    I hope the “Apalachin” movie gets the facts straight.

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