A Calendar of Yorkshire Killings and Suspicious Deaths



Author Charles Rickell specialises in the criminal history of Yorkshire and this ebook (also available in traditional format)  details almost 200 deaths (murders and suspicious killings) that have occurred in the region. Yorkshire encompasses English cities Bradford, Leeds, Hull,Ripon,Sheffield and York and hundreds of quaint villages. (The map on the book cover is the traditional one that shows the three “ridings”.  The area underwent a major local government rezoning in the 1970s.)  I thoroughly enjoyed this book. For true crime readers it’s a perfect book to have on your tablet or phone. I’m addicted to looking at historical newspaper collections online so I’m tempted to learn more about the crimes that are detailed here. The murders detailed date from the 1800s to the present day.

One of the crimes that stuck in my mind was on November 8, 1965 when Rotherham biology master Alexander Mills Buttery, 46 murdered his wife and two children aged 10 and six and then killed himself with an overdose of barbiturates.

When you research and write about true crime you discover that there are so many family violence murders. The biggest threat to people comes from those closet to them in so many cases.

My husband spent his formative years in Yorkshire so i am very interested in the area. Rickell’s book is a real testament to his expertise on crime in Yorkshire.

Rickell has also  written a book called Yorkshire’s Multiple Killers.

You can read more about Rickell’s work at his homepage charlesrickell.weebly.com.

A Calendar of Yorkshire Killings and Suspicious Deaths is available from smashwords.



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