Love Behind Bars

I’ve always been fascinated by relationships that happen between prisoners and people on “the outside”. In particular women who form relationships with men behind bars already. I mean, it’s like the ultimate way to have a relationship without lots of the drudgery that goes with long-term relationships. Or, how do women (or men) stay committed when their spouse goes inside?

Victoria Heywood has written a really interesting account of “love behind bars”. I found myself intrigued by the stories of some of the famous cases that have been in the news and especially the other ones of your average citizens caught up in really strange and horrifying situations.

The chapter I found really fascinating was the story of Perth woman Caitlyn John who has two children – one with a severe learning disability – and a boyfriend on death row in America. Caitlyn has been writing to death row inmates for over a decade and is active on Internet blogs and forums dedicated to the abolition of the death penalty. Her boyfriend Tim was on death row for the murder of a guard during an armed robbery. He is now in jail for life but Caitlyn is trying to prove his innocence. What was telling was Caitlyn telling Heywood that Timothy was “the perfect lover”. “She has her own life and is free to do what she wants…all the while knowing there is a man out there who adores her and constantly dreams of the day they will be together…”

Love Behind Bars is published by The Five Mile Press.


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  1. I found your blog today and have really enjoyed your writing and book recommendations.


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