Gangland North South & West by James Morton and Susanna Lobez



There’s much written about gangland activity in Melbourne and Sydney. Those with an appetite for reading about more crime from Australia’s other states are in for a good blast of it with Gangland North South & West.

Written by crime duo James Morton and Susanna Lobez, this book features fascinating tales of crime in “the wild west” of Western Australia and the “Top End” of the country. There’s also plenty of illegal goings-on in South Australia (a breeding ground for strange and shocking crimes). There’s contract killing, prostitution, robbery, illegal gambling and the stand-over game.

There are also the tales of the seeming exotic trade in pearls diamonds and gold, which are particularly appealing.  One of my favourite chapters is “Treasures of Diamonds and Gold” that features the story of about  the Mickelberg brothers and the 1982 Perth Mint robbery. The brothers were framed for the crime and their convictions were finally overturned in 2004. There’s also a chapter on bikie activity and the organised motor cycle gangs that have ben active in Australia since the 1970s.

If you are like me and love a good crime case file book to get stick into then Gangland North South & West is a great addition to your reading pile.

Morton and Lobez have written several books together including Kings of Sting and Dangerous to Know.

Gangland North South & West is published by Melbourne University Press.

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