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True crime writer Justice Ford has done a great job with this book – One Piece of the Puzzle, which is about “Australia’s most chilling homicide investigations”.

Ford has had access to homicide investigators around Australia for her well-researched book. I loved that she featured some cases that were little known, and the book gives an important voice for the families of the homicide victims.

There’s the still unsolved double murder of two women in Cowra in 1987. Friends Catherine Holmes and Georgina Watmore were  axed to death in Ms Holmes’s house after a party. Ford poses the possibility that the killer could be a woman.

Then there’s the baffling double murder of teen hitchhikers Fiona Burns and John Lee whose decomposing bodies were found at a truck stop near the South Australia/Victoria border. Were they the victims of a thrill kill?

Crimes against the very young and the elderly are always particularly horrifying because of their vulnerabilities and Ford also looks at the unrelated murders of two older people in New South Wales. The cases are unsolved but investigators hope that someone will provide them with vital evidence to bring two killers to justice.

Ford has done a great job of fearing a wide selection of cases that will intrigue readers. maybe they have “one piece of the puzzle” to help solve some of the crimes?

Last year The Five Mile Press released Ford’s equally excellent book Missing You about some of Australia’s most baffling unsolved missing persons cases. One Piece of the Puzzle is another winner from Ford.

One Piece of the Puzzle is published by The Five Mile Press 

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