Crime news roundup

Some crime news and links from around the web:

Missing in America – There are over 87,000 adults and children listed as missing in the United States and most of these cases receive no media coverage. Read more.  (HuffPost Live, November 9, 2013)

Karen Williams cold case – In Australia, South Australian detectives have mad an arrest in the 23-year-old mystery of 16-year-old Karen Michelle Williams’s disappearance and presumed murder. On  November u, 2013, police charged 42-year-old Nikola Novakovich with murder. He was the last person to see Karen alive and had been interviewed numerous times over the years. Police are currently searching for Karen’s remains in Coober Pedy, where she was last seen. Read more. (, November 8, 2012)

Siberian serial killer Mikhail Popkov – A former policeman known as a ‘perfect husband and father’ led a secret life as serial killer who murdered at least two dozen women in Siberia. Read more. (, November 7, 2013)

Hunt for French Riviera Serial Killer – A hunt for a serial killer is underway after the skeletal remains of four people, including a skull with ‘Death to paedophiles’ written across it, were found off the French coast. Read more. (, November 8, 2013)

Young detective turns mass killer – English writer and journalist David Thomas writes the true story of a talented German detective who catches a serial killer in Wartime Berlin, but then goes on to become a Nazi war criminal. The book is called OstlandRead more. (, November 8, 2013)

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