Murder in Suburbia

Things have been busy so far this year. I wrote my first true crime book last year and it was published by the Five Mile Press in January. For a long time I have been reading true crime so it was a very new experience to be writing my own book!

The book is called Murder in Suburbia and it features over 20 cases of murder in Australia’s suburbs and small towns.

You can read an extract here about the shocking case from 1950 of the suburban Melbourne mother who axed her teenage daughter to death while she was in a sleepwalking state.

There’s also an interview with the parents of murdered Melbourne mum jane Thurgood-Dove, who was shot in front of her children in a mistaken identity hit in 1997.

You can also read another extract about the shocking triple murder of three young people in Melbourne in 1992. The killer, Ashley Coulston, is one of the prisoners in Victoria whose file is marked “never to be released”.  Find the extract here.


Find out more about the book at

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