Cold Justice Season 2

There are some great true crime programs out there and Cold Justice is one of them. I am absolutely intrigued by cold cases and am in awe of the dedicated professionals who help to solve these crimes.

Produced for cable network TNTDrama, Cold Justice is a few episodes into the second series and runs (on US TV) until July 25.


The cold cases featured on the series get investigated as you watch. The crack team of prosecutor Kelly Siegler and CSI Yolanda McClary travel to towns across America to help solves cold cases where families and loved ones had otherwise given up hope.

One upcoming episode “Sunspot Highway” (to air July 25) focuses on the case of a discarded body along a remote mountain road. The team race to determine who in the woman’s life could have committed the heinous crime.​

(In Australia Cold Justice Season 1 is currently on air on the Crime + Investigation Channel.)


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