Lethal Lovers



Melbourne author Victoria Heywood catalogues some of Australia’s most chilling crime cases of where love and relationships go wrong.

In Lethal Lovers: Horrifying True Australian Crimes of Passion Heywood details cases from modern-day to as far back as the 1800s. One of the crimes that stood out for me as that of Rodney Francis Cameron who was dubbed “The Lonely Hearts Killer”. I won’t reveal the story for those who are not familiar with it but Cameron, met one of his victims via a lonely hearts radio program.  And tragically for his victim Maria Goellner, Cameron had a very dark and dangerous past.

There’s also the story of Frederick Leeming, who was once a suspected of being Jack the Ripper.  Leeming murdered his wife and four children in England before fleeing to Australia. his second wife was also murdered in Melbourne and Leeming hung for his crime in 1892 at the age of 38.

There are 23 cases covered in the book.

Lethal Lovers is published by The Five Mile Press.

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