The Killing of Polly Carter (Death in Paradise 2)


Review by Ellen Wallace

Who Killed the Beautiful Model on the Stairs by the Sea?

Classic themes such as sisterly jealousy, family secrets, an old Caribbean cottage and a houseful of guests are combined in a delicious factional gumbo in Robert Thorogood’s detective novel The Killing of Polly Carter (Death in Paradise 2).

The novel, part of the “A Death in Paradise Mystery Series,” resembles Agatha Christie’s mastery of the slight-of-hand-murder. A dead woman at the bottom of a long ancient outdoor staircase leading to the sea, only a few suspects who are all houseguests, a missing cell phone and a sister in a wheelchair are all elements that must be sorted through by Police Chief Richard Poole and his able but humorously quirky staff.

The ‘Chief,” as most on his staff call him, has a secret of his own — his mother is about to come to St. Marie for a vacation without his father. To Richard, his parents are a pair and always should be. What’s going on back home?

The dead woman Polly Carter is a former internationally famous model whose riches bought the home. Her friends are in for a bit of a reunion — with no set date of departure. Her sister is wheelchair bound — or is she?

Digging through the clues and characters to find the killer is a delightful escape laced with romance, secret passages, the down-and-out situations of almost every guest and the basic question “why Polly?” How she was killed, however, is where Thorogood keeps readers turning the pages.

If you wish you were on an island paradise with cool sand at your feet and hot breezes, then take a break from true crime and read The Killing of Polly Carter. The antics, plot twists, lush environs and dysfunctional characters will bring a smile to your face.

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