Australian True Crime podcast

I’m really proud to plug my new podcast with you. Well, it’s not solely MY podcast but a project with Meshel Laurie who as well as being a true crime fanatic is also a comedian, author, radio and tv  presenter.

Together we are the Australian True Crime podcast, brought to you by Mamamia Netwiek and we released theee episodes this week. 
Meshel and I take you beyond the headlines and probe the underbelly of Australia’s suburbs and towns, talking to crime experts, victims, and others affected by crime. 

Our first episode is an in-depth interview with author and journalist Megan Norris about her book On Father’s Day that is the story of what happened when Victorian dad Robert Farquharson drove his car into a dam and killed his theee little sons. You’ll hear the inside story on who he was, the devastating impact on the boys’ mother Cindy Gambino and the other people  in the case like witnesses and the police. You won’t have heard some of the things Megan reveals. It’s really quite an insight. 

We also have an episode with the indomitable Janine Greening whose mother was killed in the most horrific way and the killers walk feee today. Hear about Janine’s tireless advocacy for victims of crime and people with disabilities. Not only was her mother killed but her disabled brother Peter’s life was destroyed too. It’s heartbreaking and infuriating. 

Then there’s an episode with the fascinating Charlie Bezzina, former head of Victoria Police’s Homicide Squad who has been in the company of some of the most dangerous prowl in Australia. 

Please subscribe, listen and review! There will be many more episodes coming…

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