Angels of Death Updated and Rereleased

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I’ve been busy updating my second book Angels of Death, which had been out of print for a few years.

It’s now available again and features two new cases and updates.

The book is about healthcare serial killers and as if that topic isn’t chilling enough, I could have written many more cases. The vulnerability of these killers’ victims and the ease and callousness at which these doctors and nurses committed their crimes horrified me. These killers also expose the deficiencies in governance of healthcare and the cracks in the system, especially aged care.

Cases include Canadian Elizabeth Wettlaufer, Genene Jones, English GP Harold Shipman, Aussie Serial Killer nurse Megan Haines, Donald Harvey and Michael Swango.

Published by Clan Destine Press and available at good book stores and online (Amazon, Booktopia etc).

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  1. This one looks good. I am currently into Non-Fic True Crime, reading Patrick Pasin’s The FBI Accomplice of 9/11. for the book info. Pasin has raised some good thinking points on what happened as far as the attacks and the days before and after them. Compelling actually.

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