Ever since I read a book called Infamous Murders when I was nine years old (I sneaked it from my uncle’s bookshelf when I was on a trip to NZ and proceeded to scare myself with the stories of Lizzie Borden and John Christie) I was hooked on true crime.


If you glance at my bookshelf, library borrowing record or bedside reading pile you’d see true crime. As soon as I enter a library the first shelf I go to is non-fiction 364 (the good old Dewey Decimal Classification System) where the shelves hold my favourite genre.

Now I am grown-up, I work as a newspaper reporter where my favoured topics are police rounds and crime.

True Crime Reader is a site dedicated to the genre of true crime – reviews, news and film and television adaptations.

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  1. I just published my book, Sweet Scent of Justice. It’s a true crime book based on my sister’s 1981 murder. Henry Lee Lucas and Otis Toole confessed to her killing, but 23 years later, her case was reopened, and the real killer was finally found thanks to DNA evidence. Unfortunately evidence from her case was lost so he was never charged with her murder. The story does have an ironic ending though that I think you will enjoy.

    1. Sorry to read your post. Wow! After reading your post I’m completely frozen. Those two freaks of nature were monsters. Their IQs were around 35-40. It’s disgusting. I have to read your book; dying to know who the real killer is. Hollywood Police closed the Adam Walsh case ruling Ottis Toole as the killer. I believe it was Jeffrey Dahmer who killed that boy. He worked at a sub restaurant 20 minutes away, drove a blue van and the two credible witnesses phoned the Hollywood Police on the day that Dahmer was arrested in Milwaukee claiming that he was the suspect they saw at the mall taking Adam by his arm and tossing him into a blue van. Toole would confess to anything to get out of jail. …little off subject, you may think different of me, there are countries in Africa with no law for, or against murder. It’s just a thought, but I wonder if I could run a firm out there; something that would give the victims’ loved ones closure. But predecessors will bite into it and conjure up agencies to rid anyone if the price is right…life insurance policies for example; and those are the main causes of homicides. I hope you get your closure.

  2. Emily has done a great job with this Blog, I know what it takes to create a crime blog and the time that goes into it, but to be noticed as a crime writer and be ranked well with Google and other Search Engines is something to be proud of.

    I enjoy visiting and reading your articles, and hope that we at Crime Case Files can support your passion.


  3. I’ve enjoyed your site, and look forward to reading further.

  4. Great blog! I love reading about real cases from all over the world. I am going to subscribe to each of our blogs. Thanks again!

  5. As a true crime reader and book blogger I find your blog very interesting and informative. Great job

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