Crime: Seen and Heard – APB, The Missing, Stranglers Podcast

This is a new section of the blog that focuses on crime shows and podcasts. To kick off here’s the television shows and podcasts I’m enjoying at the moment (I watch my programs from a subscription service to Foxtel.)


This is a Fox8 series about fighting crime with a high-tech twist. The storyline is pretty compelling. Billionaire engineer Gideon Reeves takes over a crime-ridden police precinct in Chicago after his best friend is murdered in a robbery attempt. The killer escapes and Gideon vows to find the man responsible. The series is inspired by the New York Times Magazine article “Who Runs the Streets of New Orleans,” by David Amsden.

So think drones, apps, GPS…but while technology can do A LOT, it’s the street smarts and instincts of the beat cops that really drive the technology. And main character Detective Theresa Murphy, a naturally talented cop, tempers Gideon’s huge ideas and desire to use technology for ALL the crime fighting with her experience on the streets and dealing with criminals.

The Missing Season 2

I was hanging for the second series of The BBC’s The Missing. The gripping first series starred James Nesbitt and Frances O’Connor as the parents of 5-year-old Oliver who goes missing while on holiday in France. The second series focuses on the return of Alice Webster who stumbles back into the main square of the German town where she went missing 11 years prior. The family –  British soldier father Sam, mum Gemma and little brother Matthew remain in the town and as the series jumps from the time of her abduction, 2014 when she returns and the present day, we see the traumatic effect on the family.

It is great that central character from the first series, French missing persons detective Julien Baptiste returns in the second series. The return of Alice Webster ignites Baptiste’s quest to solve a 12-year-old missing persons case of a french girl that he believes is connected to Alice. He is an intriguing character (played by Turkish-born French actor Tcheky Karyo) who can’t enjoy his retirement with his wife and daughter at their home in the French countryside because he is haunted by the case he couldn’t yet solve.

Stranglers (podcast)

I LOVED this podcast. It is truly a standout among the increasing number of true crime podcasts around. I remember back in 2007 when I started listening to podcasts there were probably three or four readily available including Dan Zupansky’s True Murder and Justice Interrupted with Robin Sax and Stacey Dittrich.

Now there are so many and Stranglers is top notch.

Stranglers is about the case of the Boston Strangler – an in-depth look into the case, the victims and the man who claimed to be the strangler, Albert DeSalvo. It’s so much more than this too. There were other suspects for some of the killings and there the 12-part series uses never-before-heard voices, interviews with actual suspects, presents new research and new conversations with the victims’ family members. Host Portland Helmich becomes a comforting, familiar voice detailing this gripping, horrific series of murders that shapes modern Boston’s history.