Cold Cases

Resources for those interested in unsolved/cold cases worldwide.

Cold Case Files –  a comprehensive database by Herald Sun online team of Victoria’s unsolved homicides. a rolling project.

Cold Cases Center – Website of the United States’s National Center for Cold Cases.

Defrosting Cold Cases – Where victims of unsolved homicides are not forgotten. Also included live chat with DNA experts, cops, ex-cops, authors, cold case investigators, scientists, and anyone else interested in helping solve cold cases worldwide. Follow hashtag #cclivechat on Twitter and @vidocq_CC

Cold Case USA – Unsolved crime cases from the people who brought you Crime Scene USA.

Iowa Cold Cases – committed to providing case summaries, articles and updates for all Iowa open homicides and missing persons cases where foul play is suspected.

Ohio Valley Cold Cases – Blog and website on cold case murders, questionable deaths and missing persons in the Ohio Valley.

Texas Crime News – a focus on cold cases, missing persons, and unidentified victims. Excellent site.

Savage Watch – comprehensive site detailing unsolved murders and crimes in North America and beyond. This site was formerly Connecticut Cold Cases

  1. Where did you acquire the material to create this write-up: Cold Cases | True Crime Reader

    1. Just from reading around the web and checking out other crime blogs.

  2. A new website – – and book series has been launched that examines famous historic and unsolved murder cases; presents the evidence and different theories (based on other author’s books); and asks the reader to deliver a verdict on what most likely happened at the Cold Case Jury website. The first case is the Charles Bravo case from 1876. In writing is the James Camb “Porthole Murder” from 1947. Slated for next year is the death of Sir Edmund Godfrey, 1678, probably England’s unsolved murder case.

  3. Hoping for a breakthrough soon in the Elisabeth Membrey case:
    Internet Sleuths investigate Elisabeth Membrey Cold Case

    More information here:
    Tom Box Reddit Posts

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