1. Communist Romania’s Jack the Ripper

    Dear Friends,
    I am writing to you in order to introduce ‘Rimaru – Butcher of Bucharest’, the most recent book by CWA Silver Dagger winner Mike Phillips.

    In September 1971 Ion Rimaru stood trial for the murder of several women. The indictment accused him of committing 23 very serious offences over a period of one year from May 1970 to May 1971: murders committed in extremely aggravated circumstances, with cruelty, with premeditation, with bestiality and sadism in four cases; attempted murders in six cases; rapes and attempted rapes; theft from the public and private property.

    ‘Rimaru – Butcher of Bucharest’ is a factual account of the crimes committed by Ion Rimaru, their social environment, their impact on the culture of their times, and their lingering legacy in the present day. Popular myth, for instance, enshrines the legend that Rimaru had the qualities of a vampire – a hypnotic attraction for young women – the source of his ability to evade capture.

    The authors, Mike Phillips and Stejarel Olaru, have had unprecedented access to police and secret police records, including the testimonies of the killer and his family. They also conducted interviews with various protagonists, and researched the surviving mountain of statements.

    The social context, however, and what it tells us about Romanian society at the time and in the present day makes this a remarkable, uneasy and illuminating story.

    Please see detailed presentation here

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  2. Hi I have a book on Amazon at Kindle called Red Centre, Dead Centre The true story of Peter Falconer, ASIN: B01680TBX2, Kindle Edition. If you read Kindle books, perhaps you might care to select my book? If you enjoy the book please let your friends know and encourage them to read the book. Cheers Paul Dillon

    1. Thanks Paul. I will check it out.

    2. Hi Paul. Thanks for this.

  3. Hi, my colleagues and I have just completed and extensive True Crime timeline book about Ted Bundy. This thing has been meticulously researched from one end to the other with new and old material alike. We originally created this book aimed at criminology students at the University level but we think that it will hold interest for anyone. Would you be interested in doing a Blog review on it? I could send you a copy of the PDF version of the book? It’s called Ted Bundy: A Visual Timeline. I put a link to our Facebook page as well. Thanks for the consideration,Chris

  4. Hi I was listing to the Frankstone Tynong north serial killer podcast an you mentioned Annemarie Sargent… taken from dandenong back in the earlie 80..
    I was wondering if there was a book about her disappearance/ murder..
    I lived in cranbourne back then an knew her brother..

    1. Hi Sam, there’s not a lot of info out there about Annemarie. No book has been written.

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