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RACHEL EC My love for True Crime began when I insisted (much to the horror of my grandparents) on staying up late to watch the OJ Simpson trial. Since then I have followed many crime stories both overseas and in Australia. Apart from reading about true crimes I enjoy movies, adventures, desserts and most of all spending time with my two dogs and husband. A law clerk by day, a crime nerd by night and a criminologist in training. Twitter @crimenerd

ELLEN WALLACE  loves to read, and her favorite genre is true crime in an effort to understand the motivations behind violence. She spent her career in communications and media relations. A resident of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA; her hobbies include knitting, quilting and taking care of two crazy cats. Ellen can be reached at






A.R. MUIR Read about A.R Muir at her Shelfari profile. Needless to say Muir is an avid true crime reader from Sydney (with an amazing collection of books on her shelf!)

  1. Hello Rachel,
    I’m Jim McBeth. My wife Marion Scott and I wrote Beyond All Evil, the story of how June and Giselle lost their children in the most tragic of circumstances.
    I have just caught up with your review of the book.
    Thanks you very much.
    Sorry we kept you up so late.
    kind regards,

  2. I would very much like to contact Neil Mercer as I have some very interesting information on Roger Rogerson. I have also just completed a manuscript on the truth behind the Whiskey Au Go Go fore-bombing.

    1. I’m not sure how to contact Neil. Maybe contact Channel 10 as he was
      part of the recent show Wanted?

    2. please contact me i am (mick ) lockyers grandaughter he was Edna Watts brother 0498 53 20 40

  3. Pass the Word
    Hi I have a book on Amazon at Kindle called NGANBERRA: Me sit down country [Kindle Edition]. It is a racy novel set in the sexy sixties when all the young people of Canberra lived in hostels-high jinx at it worst. I also have a top crime story as well RED CENTRE, DEAD CENTRE: The true story of Peter Falconer, ASIN: B01680TBX2, Kindle Edition. If you read Kindle books, perhaps you might care to select my books? If you enjoy the books please let your friends know and encourage them to read the books. Cheers Paul Dillon

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